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Talent Acquisition

The New Hire – Are they really who they say they are?

Andrew Flanagan

Do you remember when Myer hired Andrew Flanagan their new GM of Strategy and Business Development?

“Barely a week after trumpeting the appointment of Andrew Flanagan as general manager – strategy and business development, Myer has terminated his position after just one day in the job upon discovering that he was not the man he said he was.”

Above is an example of this happening at an executive level within a large listed business.

Having managed a specialist recruitment company in Sydney, Australia for nearly seven years now, I have encountered countless situations where the employee interviewed is simply not the employee that turns up to work on day one!   Or perhaps they do but after day ten, twenty or ninety they morph into a different being.
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Australia has talent BUT how do you attract it?

Australias Got Talent

Do you ever wonder why you always hear about certain companies attracting the best talent in their industry and wonder why your company isn’t doing as well? There are a few key attributes, qualities and processes that companies who attract the best employees have…… Read More

Why your business should be recruiting / headhunting ‘an outsider’


“Surely promoting an existing employee would be cheaper?”

“We’ve spent money training, mentoring and teaching our current staff – what benefit will someone with little to no understanding really bring?”

“We should be promoting and recruiting from within our own ranks.”

“Why would I consider a new employee with experience that isn’t our field?”

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