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Australia has talent BUT how do you attract it?

Australias Got Talent

Do you ever wonder why you always hear about certain companies attracting the best talent in their industry and wonder why your company isn’t doing as well? There are a few key attributes, qualities and processes that companies who attract the best employees have…… Read More

Leadership – How to build (and keep) an all-star team

Leadership – How to build (and keep) an all-star team


Find talent

Tap into social networks, start a blog to engage and talent pool. Head hunt; if you know where the best talent is, leverage tools such as Linked In, Seek Profiles and other online tools to find and approach potential talent directly. Network with relevant contacts and ask for referrals. Engage the experts; if you are using a specialist recruitment company, ensure that you are working with a person that has the networks and relationships to introduce the right talent to your business and is best placed to represent your company.
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Salary Negotiation – How to accelerate your net worth


Before beginning to negotiate pay and benefits with a prospective employer, you need to find out how much you are worth and how much the job is worth. To do this you are advised to research comparative salaries which will enable you to attain a realistic and reasonable job offer.
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