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Australia has talent BUT how do you attract it?

Australias Got Talent

Do you ever wonder why you always hear about certain companies attracting the best talent in their industry and wonder why your company isn’t doing as well? There are a few key attributes, qualities and processes that companies who attract the best employees have……

  1. A strong search and selection strategy:  You should have a strategy in place to be able to find the talent you want to attract, they will not always come to you.  Dedicate internal resources to search for the talent using resources such as online databases together with print and online advertising. Utilise social media to attract the talent. Also consider the use of specialist agencies who know where to find the talent you are looking for.
  2. Attractive salary packages:  The number one motivator for the majority of employees is salary, this is a undisputed fact. Use salary surveys to determine market rates for positions and make sure you are competitive!
  3. Work life balance and flexible work arrangements: The number two motivator in the majority of employee engagement surveys is work life balance and flexibility.  Driving your employees on ‘results’ and not ‘hours worked’ is more attractive to employees and the bottom line.
  4. Induction programs and mentoring arrangements: These two are not only critical in engagement but also attraction. Companies build reputations as a employer of choice and first impressions count highly.  These are also two of the most commonly discussed offerings on company workplace review websites.
  5. Training and development opportunities: Top talent wants to grow, develop and progress, to do be able to do this, they will seek out companies that can foster this to expedite their progression to the top.
  6. A positive brand and business reputation in the local/international and social media communities :  PR and brand awareness is your organic and natural attraction tool.  One of the first steps is to see how you are perceived, you can do this by internal employee engagement surveys or by referencing websites such as Glassdoor.
  7. A strong leadership team:  Create a tribe! One the best books that I have read is Tribes by Seth Godin.
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